Surviving as a Single Mom


In my home everything has always in the time schedule. TIME is preciously paramount  and I hustle up to obtain things that is going to be worth it. The most challenging is the weekdays, because these are the days that I busted my butt; I wake up at 4:30 AM or 5:00 AM in spending an hour of Yoga, prepare food for my daughter and my lunch meal to bring at work. I have to leave every 7:30 AM to drop my daughter to school and coming to work at 8:00 am. I am missing my time with her while I spend my day at work And at the end of the day, I must come home at 6:00 Pm,  and as soon as I arrive, I hurriedly jump on my bed, and I’ve to take few minutes to relax and breath in, and my daughter has done taking a bath and eat. We always follow the usual bedtime at 9:00 Pm and when she finally sleeps, the best time I can do my own thing. I’d  never thought that I would able to handle my situation, because not only I am a single mom (I consider myself as a single mom because I live on my own with my daughter ) but I have been through a lot of depressions and there were several challenges to overcome in the endeavor to help myself; I was 8 years old When my dad left me, because he was not strong enough to be a father, He didn’t show up till I was done at school, because my mom was not letting us. I was missing everything and struggled the fatherless with feeling of abandonment. I wanted to understand everything, but I grew up so confused and undefined. My grandma, grandpa and my mom did their best they could do for us.  My mom didn’t get wrong of raising us, because she taught us how to succeed and helped us to establish good habits to use as a tool to reach our goals. The word we always remember from my mom, ” we are leaders not followers and we are meant to help others “.  She could not asked for more and totally completely proud of what we have made.  Many stories of the  single moms all over the world and unfold things I have not been discovered yet that parenthood is not only manageable but an incredible gift that allow me to shape my daughter to a wonderful human being. If you asked me where is the father of my daughter? I would say that she deserves love of a father more than I could not have. I could not provide her a perfect home with both parents, but the parent’s relationship is important. If I had not experienced the rough life of fatherless, my daughter would have been fatherless. The responsibility of both parents should not be stopped. It doesn’t make a least person in the world being a single Parent, However we could still raise a better human than used to be. I realized everything happens only made me stronger. I know, it triples the work times than being a home mom to working mom, switching into being a single mom. And all those period years of challenge, I am glad and proud of myself that am able to manage it. I didn’t expect to be  a single mom, I had never thought of it because It was good thing till the things fell apart, and that was not easy. But if it will happen to you , you will also discover a strength that you didn’t know you had. Be brave and strong to handle it. You are not alone, you will make it through.:)



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