This is Marinyl Dean. I Graduated Bachelor of Science Major in Political Science and I attended one year of study in graduate School, Master in Political Science. I have a little understanding in French Language, I was completed 5 Modules of french class at Alliance Francaise in Cebu. I am a mother of a young beautiful girl, who is my number one inspiration in my life . I am a yoga lover, Fashion Illustrator and Full time worker. It much easier to write as way to express myself and able to speak my own ideas;Β  bring passion and spirit of joy and happiness to my Journey. I would like to begin something here and find my soul in every piece of me andΒ  share about fashion style, Art illustration, Yoga and life journey.Β  Being a parent is hard, but single parent is harder, it can be isolated in so many ways and hard to keep it together, can be overwhelmed and exhausted. Juggling everything life throws at me, but It’s not the end of everything. I am still able to manage things, I come to work, taking care my daughter, able to dress up and smile no matter how busy I am.Β